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What is Logistics Asia

Logistics Supply Chain Exhibition & Conference - Logistics Event 2016

Why Supply Chain Logistics Becomes Important ?

Every business establishment is aimed at providing quality, timely and effective products or services to their customers as a means of retaining them and opening more customer doors.

Logistics Provides the back bone of all the supply-chain in the world for the global businesses. Logistical support has gained importance in international marketing as a result of technological advancements in information and communication technology.

Logistical planning is entirely an important part of business nowadays. How quickly and reliably goods are delivered to customers can mean the difference between retaining your customers and losing them.

A great deal of business supply chain logistics comes under the heading of marketing and specifically, distribution. The planning phase is the most important followed by good implementation of a logistical plan. It is not only the speed of delivery that matters, but also the product quality and customer service.


What is Logistic Asia Expo

  • Logistics Asia is creating Benchmark for Logistics Exhibition in Gujarat.
  • Organizing 3 Days International Exhibition & 2 Days Conference & Networking At The Gujarat University Convention and Exhibition Centre, GMDC, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
  • We are associating and inviting Business delegates & Visitors + Government Authorities + Industries Associations + International trade consulates.